Booking System for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook Online

Plan your meetings, make your schedules, book meeting rooms. Work with several Outlook calendars at the same time and in one screen.
12 Jan 2024
From 2:00 to 3:00 PST, servers update.
22 Jan 2023
From 2:00 to 2:15 PST, servers update.

Booking system simplifies

  • Booking of meeting rooms

  • Booking of equipment

  • Scheduling meetings

  • Making schedules

Use up-to-date and effective approach to manage sharing of meeting rooms, equipment, cars and other resources of your company.

The system allows you to work with several Outlook calendars at the same time and in one screen.

To whom it may be useful

  • Offices


    Sports centres

  • Hotels

    Car parking

    Schools, institutes

Simplifies planning and making schedules for sharing of rooms, car parking and tennis courts.

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Booking form builder

Create your own booking forms.

Assign different booking forms for different resources.

Also, you can create an additional forms that will be visible only to administrators.

Form Builer Demo

Simple and user-friendly interface

Booking system disburdens administrators and personal assistants.

Thanks to convenient calendar staff members may individually select time and meeting rooms.

Possibility to assign access rights and approving persons for a specific meeting rooms (if necessary). While booking approving persons shall receive notification by e-mail and may accept or deny booking.

Benefits of the system

Booking form builder

Simultaneous booking of multiple resources

Recurring events

Possibility to assign approving persons

Notifications sent by e-mail and in personal calendars

Web interface does not require installation and configuration

Control by means of MS Outlook personal calendars

Works on smartphone, tablet and desktop

All bookings remain saved in MS Outlook even on completion of use. Staff members may continue to manage their bookings. Scheduled meetings shall remain saved.
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Features of the system

Full integration with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Outlook

Cloud SaaS service. No need in installation, customization and administration

Support of regional settings of MS Office 365 users. Different staff members may use different languages within one and the same organization

Integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Staff members who have MS Exchange Online e-mail addresses shall be provided with an access to booking system automatically. No need in additional customization.

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Bi-directional integration with Microsoft Outlook

Staff members observe all their bookings in MS Outlook personal calendars. Thanks to bi-directional integration it is possible to manage bookings using personal calendars. Bookings of resources are stored in MS Exchange Online resource calendars. Thus, data shall remain safe even if booking system is not used any more. Data shall be intact. Staff members may continue to manage bookings using personal calendars.

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Security by design

The system is designed in accordance with the safety requirements. System does not store any data. Data are kept in your MS Office 365. IT specialist may not worry about back-ups any more. This task is already accomplished thanks to MS Office 365.

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